Thursday, 11 April 2013

11/04/13 - Filming clips for our title sequence

After we received our grade and feedback on our title sequence we decided that it didn't convey the right messages and values to our audience and was also confusing and irrelevant at times. We felt the major concerns were the scenes which appeared rushed as we hadn't used a tripod ,the performance and the locations. As the majority of the sequence was shot in school it lacked sophistication as it wasn't were we intended our sequence to take place thus we failed to disguise     the location due to a lack of thought we had put into the setting.

Today we decided to improve our sequence by re-shooting some scenes and this time we made sure to incorporate aspects from existing title sequences such as close up shots of the protagonists face. This filming went very well as the performance was very realistic and comedic and the cinematography was smooth and portrayed interesting camera angles.
We also decided to build up our protagonist by making it clear he was a spy through his appearance. To do so he wore a tuxedo and drinks a martini which are classics aspects to a stereotypical spy character. This allowed Teddy to become a more three dimensional character and be easily recognized as a spy through the mise-en-scene due to the similarities between him and James Bond's character. (e.g costume)

Since our main genres were action and comedy we made sure to make this really clear by adding comedic moments of our protagonist acting humorous in order to appeal to our target audience.We did this by filming shots of our protagonist spitting out his drink, using a machine gun incorrectly and hiding behind a tree which was to small to hide him. This made him appear simple minded and conveyed Teddy's personality to the audience.
We also needed to incorporate more action into the sequence as we felt we were lacking the codes and conventions of an action genre. To do this we had our protagonist chasing a villain down the road whilst performing stunts such as jumping over fences. We also shot a scene of our villain being strangled as he enters his car which emphasized and communicated the genre to the target audience.

Overall I feel today was very successful as the performance and the cinematography was great therefore I think this footage will greatly improve our title sequence and make it appear like a legitimate spy film title sequence. The location of the streets also is a huge improvement as it reveals the film is set in a city and makes the sequence look more professional than how it looked previously. We intend to start editing this footage into our sequence on the 15/4/13 and hopefully have the final sequence completed by this date.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

feedback on title sequence

Today was the screening of our title sequences which consisted of each group showing their work to the class after which we provided feedback on what we had seen. From this feedback we received very mixed opinions as some thought the elliptical editing worked well and others weren't so keen thus we decided to edit out some of the editing and leave clips as they were originally. We also reduced the clips of writing as we felt it was to repetitive and the class appear to agree.

The main positive we received was on the music and the titles which we were happy to hear about as this was our favorite aspect of the title sequence and because of this we felt nothing needed to be changed apart from some minor spelling errors.

the narrative seemed slightly obscure to the audience from what we could tell and from this feedback we realized that it wasn't entirely clear due to the writing sometimes lacking what is it suppose to portray. To improve on this we only inserted clips into the sequence which made it obvious it was a funeral speech for our protagonists nan. This change also allowed the repetition to be decreased and made it more exciting thus emphasizing the action genre more.

overall we have found this feedback to be extremely useful as it has allowed us to work into the flaws of our title sequence which has included the editing, when the cuts occur and the order of the clips.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mr Teddy title sequence

Journal 30/01/13 - changing the fonts

These are some changes we made to our titles due to grammatical errors and the fact we had to adapt the number of titles which were going to be displayed to the length of our sequence. These changed have helped to ensure that everything is spelt and placed correctly. 

Journal - 30/01/13 adding the fonts

Today I was overviewing Daisy and Tom who were adding fonts and transitions to the title sequence. We all meet really early in the morning in order to finalize our title sequence as well. Yesterday we managed to get all the clips uploaded and ordered. We also managed to complete most of the elliptical editing meaning all that needed to be done is the adding of titles and the remaining few clips to be added. Lastly, we will be adding the soundtrack, foley sound of scrunching paper and if there is time the production company logo. We managed to have all this successfully completed.

Below is the process we went through to add the fonts and the effects to the fonts.

Step 1: We added the text to our time line by using this drop down menu.
Step 2: We typed in what we wanted the text to read.
Below is what we wanted our text to say.
Step 3: We positioned the texts on screen where we wanted them to be placed/appear.

Step 4: to add a transition to effect how the text would exit we went into effects and the selected the one we wished to be added to our text. Daisy picked band slide which looks great as it ties into our theme of action and represents how Teddy rushes off to stop the bank robbery in the narrative.